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High Absorbency Mini Towels - Organic: Green / 25cmx25cm

High Absorbency Mini Towels - Organic: Green / 25cmx25cm

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- Great capacity of water absorption
- Become extremely soft after washing / removal of coating
- Much more long-lasting, these 4 layered towels are much stronger than normal 1 layer weaved towel
- Great breathability, thus much quicker to dry

The mini towel is the smaller variation of the organic face towel in the same collection, and it features also a 4 layered weaving design, quick to dry, and gentle on the skin with no fuzzing, babies and people with sensitive skin can use it with peace of mind.

This organic towel has adapted a simple design, that features the pure natural colour of the organic cotton itself.

It has excellent water absorption and is quick-drying, and feels softer with every wash.

Dimensions : 25cm x 25cm
Weaving: 4 layered fabric
Material: 100% organic cotton
Place of origin: Japan

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