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Hinoki Bath Bomb

Hinoki Bath Bomb

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As the bubbles rise, you can feel the gentle fragrance spreading help you feel relaxed.
Also you will feel rejuvenated and instantly feel your muscles become less inflamed.
The coconut oil moisturizes the skin while the essential oil goes to work on sore muscles.
Hinoki oil helps restoring skin's hydration and eases oil and dry skin issues
Rosemary oil is best known for its stimulating, soothing, and pain relieving properties.
Camphor oil helps your mind into good sleep.

No Preservative, No Animal Testing, No Animal Products.
Please make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients before purchasing.

Baking soda, Sea salt, Citric acid, Organic Coconut oil,, French Green Clay; and Cypress, Eucalyptus, Camphor, and Cajeput essential oils.

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