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Miyajima spatula

Miyajima spatula

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Miyajima Kougei Seisakusho manufactures rice spatulas on Miyajima Island in Hiroshima Prefecture. The material used is mountain cherry produced in Hiroshima Prefecture. The wood is hard and resilient and can withstand long-term use. 

Length: 30 cm *with hole Length: 30 cm *soup Length: 34 cm *diagonal Length: 30.5 cm *ginkgo shape 24cm Length: 24 cm *ginkgo shape 29cm Length: 29cm

Finish: Uncoated

How to handle the product Do not leave in water for long periods of time as it absorbs water.
Do not use a dishwasher or dry the product rapidly. Doing so may cause cracking or deformation. After use, dry well before putting away. Soak the rice scoop well in water before use. It will prevent rice from sticking to the rice.

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