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Amanatsu - Dry Candied Japanese Citrus Peel

Amanatsu - Dry Candied Japanese Citrus Peel

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Dried Candied Japanese Citrus Peels Made from citruses harvested in Ehime Prefecture, Japan. Rinds of KANKITSU are delicately peeled, and candied using traditional methods to enjoy the harmony of sweet and tart. The peels are well-coated with beet sugar and dried completely—in results, the candied peels are not sticky and the sugar does not fall off. This assortment of candied peels features five kinds of citrus fruits. Yuzu has a soothing aroma and a pleasant bitterness while Amanatsu highlights a sweetness with a gentle sourness. Iyokan exhibits a rich citrus flavor reminiscent of freshly squeezed juice. Kawachi Bankan has a grapefruit-like refreshing flavor while Blood Orange boasts a vibrant orange color and concentrated umami.

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