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"Japacolle" Japan Collections



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This series of fragrances are based on the theme of "lucky" and "thankful" motifs from ancient Japan.

This incense stick features the motif of a frog, which is considered a good-luck charm and has a fresh and gorgeous fragrance reminiscent of lotus flowers. The package is adorable with a lotus flower and a frog. Even the Japanese paper used to bind the incense has the same pattern.

50 pieces of stick incense (Long type)
Size: approx. 155×37×25mm (exterior box)
Burning time: approx. 20-25 min.
Directions of usage:
-After lighting the tip of the incense, extinguish the flame and let the smoke waft.
-After the smoke has ignited, place the incense in an incense burner made of nonflammable material.
-Use a plate or something to catch the ashes under the incense burner.
-Do not use the incense burner near flammable materials or in windy areas.

*We accept sample orders from 1 box of your "first-order" of the incenses.

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