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Water-resistant Paper Wallet - Long: Black

Water-resistant Paper Wallet - Long: Black

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- A wallet that can store credit cards and banknotes properly and can be carried compactly.
- 2 credit pockets and zipper for coins

This "SIWA long wallet" has an orthodox shape that allows you to smartly organise, store, and take out banknotes, cards, and even coins while making the most of the characteristics of the new Japanese paper, Naoron. Not only banknotes but also cards can be taken in and out immediately after opening the wallet, and coins can be stored in the zippered pocket. It is a standard "long wallet".

There are two credit card pockets. In addition to the banknote storage area, the large coin case with zipper can be opened wide to give a good view of the inside. It weighs only 20 grams and boasts an amazing lightness of less than one-third that of a leather wallet.

Storage: Notes x1/ Card pocket x 2 / Zippered Coin case x1
Material: Soft Naoron
Dimension: H10 × W19 cm
Weight: 20 grams
Made in Japan

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